Quality management

Our primary goal is to ensure the satisfaction of our customers, partners and employees. To meet this goal, we are constantly developing and improving upon our products and services, as well as our accessibility, organization, knowledge and employee inclusion.

Responsible Management

Our management team is committed to the development and implementation of a quality standards system and to its continuous improvement. We achieve our objectives by implementing a series of goals that are designed to optimize the efficiency of our operations and its oversight.

Staff Inclusion

At 4PLAST d.o.o., we are aware that it is the qualifications and motivation of our employees that assures us success. Developing human resources and enhancing occupational health and safety are two of our most important priorities.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement is the responsibility of every employee in all areas of operations. This means a constant optimization of costs, services and technologies. We provide an integrated quality management strategy in terms of achieving zero defects, on-time delivery and an effective response to our customers’ needs.

Compliance with Environmental Protection Standards

In working hard to keep all segments of the environment as pristine as possible and in order to reduce the amount of produced waste and the usage of raw-material, our production process utilizes environmentally-friendly technologies and materials. We will use environmentally-friendly materials, as well as improve the processes and use the latest technology in order to optimize the processes, reducing the environmental impact.

Compliance with Occupational Health and Safety Standards

Health is the basis for leading a quality life and work. Our company attends to the health of our employees by providing a safe work environment, implementing responsible action and leadership, identifying and addressing risks, acting in accordance with legal regulations and other regulatory obligations.