Product Manufacturing

The manufacturing of polymer products that we develop from concept design to final production represents an important part of our offer. Advanced technology, smart automation, a unique development process and supporting logistics are utilized throughout this process.

The technology we use places a key emphasis on thermoplastic injection molding, overmolding inserts and value added processing that includes assembly, welding and printing.

Innovative Technology

Thermoplastic Injection Molding

A modern industrial park allows us to perform injection moulding of technically demanding products that require a very wide spectrum of technical thermoplastic materials.


In line with modern trends of replacing metal parts with plastics, we also perform overmoulding.

Value Added Processing

Value added processing is performed on injection moulded products as per the customer’s wishes.

Smart Automation 

Through process automation, we achieve consistent quality, reduce human error and enhance productivity. By undergoing value added processing immediately after product injection, we achieve lean production, avoid additional logistics operations and realize better fluidity.

A Unique Development Process 

Process stability is key to process development. In order to reach maximum process stability, we monitor the entire development process as early as the modeling phase, carefully evaluating each step. Verifications are carried out with the help of tools and process testing. The entire process of tool manufacturing technology, injection technology and all supporting activities are supervised to build upon process improvement along the way.