Product Development

Development steps

In accordance with the principles of concurrent engineering, we get involved in our customer's development processes during the very earliest phases – thereby ensuring optimal product definition in terms of product functionality, cost-efficiency and effective, high quality production.

The concept of a new product is formed through new ideas, based on marketing and technological possibilities. The functional, technical, aesthetical and useful characteristics of a new product are firstly defined from a technological point of view.

We offer a complete service from the initial idea to the final product:

- Idea and concept of the product.
- 3D construction and 2D technical documentation.
- Possibility of producing a pilot mold.
- Producing a multicavity mold.
- Sampling and validation of the product.

We assure the support from our engineers and technical staff throughout the whole process of our service and with your close co-operation we can find the best solution for you.